What our employer partners want to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turnover is a real frustration for every business, particularly one in skilled trades where job-hopping is common. By using a staffing company, you have support in sourcing, vetting and hiring reliable people and you ONLY pay if someone is successfully placed.

We only provide services to industries where our internal staff have held supervisory roles and know how to identify the best candidate for every role. In many cases, the client will also provide the final round of screening to ensure there is mutual comfort in the new job.

Whatever level of pre-employment screening you require will be worked into the service contract between you and MeritHall. We realize all types of clients have different screening protocols, and we accommodate them all, from drug testing to background checks

Yes, we do. All staffed employees must be authorized to work in the United States. All staffed employees are W-2 employees of MeritHall and eligible for health insurance after 90 days.

We want to get you the right person for your project each and every time. Our account representatives have worked in the industries they staff and test all candidates appropriately for the job(s) they apply for. All MeritHall employees sent to your job site have passed our screening process, which includes interviews, background checks, and reference checks. If you have specific tests you would like us to perform, give us a call at 248-289-7797.

Yes. MeritHall works in partnership with the Detroit Training Center to provide training to MeritHall employees. Check with the MeritHall office to learn about upcoming training courses and eligibility requirements.

Day-to-day oversight is typically provided by the client’s on-site supervisor. Other responsibilities, such as payroll, insurance, workers’ compensation, and unemployment, are managed by the staffing firm. This alleviates human resource-related paperwork challenges for the client and allows the company to concentrate on other aspects of its business.

Yes, MeritHall permits contractors to permanently hire temporary or seasonal employees. The process and fee for directly hiring an existing temporary employee will vary depending on the circumstances.

Call 248-289-7797 or email sales@merithall.com.